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Tuesday, 11:06 AM
From: James Upjohn & Alex Krulik

Dear Frustrated Video Marketer,

It's true. When it comes to video marketing, you have two choices:

  1. The hard, expense way, and
  2. The "Double-Easy" way (Easy & Easy on the wallet!)

Sadly, most people choose Number One, I did. At first...

As an entrepreneur, I (James Upjohn) get into lots of projects. I have sold my own software, am an Internet Marketing Coach, I make affiliate commissions, offer local business consulting, joined a few Networking Marketing companies and run an SEO membership site.

My light bulb moment came when I signed up for an Networking Marketing opportunity a year ago.

YouTube is the Second most popular Search Engine!

My upline (the person that recruited me into Network Marketing) taught me how to use videos on YouTube to prospect. I followed his instructions and before I knew it my video was ranked number one for a 'hot keyword'.

I was ecstatic, and then my video disappeared. No Google Slap, no Penguin, no Panda. It was worse.

Other people in my upline group started doing what he taught too.

So I worked harder, spent more money and my video was back up to number one…

For three days.

What do you think happens when 200 people go after the same expensive keyword?

It's not pleasant.

The guy with the deepest wallet wins.

And my wallet was empty.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I realized I could spend a fortune on backlinks and ranking for one highly competitive keyword, or I could dig a bit deeper, and pretty much instantly rank for lots of popular keywords that everyone ignored.

So here was my choice: Constantly fighting with 200 other people who had the same training as me, spending small fortunes to get that popular keyword, or put up 20 videos that ranked easily for the number one spot on YouTube and Google. These 20 videos could bring in more views and leads than that one single video that everyone else fights over.

And I am willing to bet, that's what you do every day... Wasting valuable time, money and energy over the keywords everyone else wants.

I started looking for keywords that had reasonable searches and no competition on YouTube. I thought if I ranked number one, YouTube & Google would smile on my video and put it on page one, which they often did.

Then I ran the...

I identified 90 popular, long-tail keywords, with no more than one competitive video. My thought was: What happens if I upload optimized videos for keywords with 400 - 5000 searches a month, with no competition? What if I uploaded one video a day for 90 days?

Now these were not professionally produced 2 hour long videos. Most were short and crudely made. They’ll never win any awards. They took maybe 10 minutes a day to write out and produce, then another 10 minutes to upload and optimize.

After a few days, I was quick enough to do them in about 5 minutes flat.

After 90 days, my affiliate commissions from Clickbank ranged from $3000 to $5000 a month, and have remained at that level for fifteen months. So, do you think those "five-minutes-to-produce", "high ranking keywords that everyone ignores or can’t find" videos will continue to pull in auto-pilot affiliate commissions? Yes… pretty much for as long as I leave them up...

They will always be there. There’s no or almost no competition to knock them off. We are looking at truly passive, ongoing income...

Now I didn't have a staff of hundreds. I had bills to pay. I had distractions. But it was New Year's 2013 and I was sick and tired of... well, you know the cliché.

So while my mates were at the Pub, quitting smoking or making plans to lose weight, I decided I would make a video a day for three months. I wanted to live a life with my wife and children. I wanted to get out from behind the computer whenever I wanted. I wanted an end to 18 hour work days.

And then the best (worst) thing possible happened. England had the rainiest winter I can remember. It was cold and wet. My children came home from school drenched. The weather was shocking.

That was it. I was motivated. And after my affiliate income from videos stabilized, I decided to...

This system works! When you know you can 'bank' on $3000 or so, on the first of the month, it makes the rest of the month that much easier.

Believe me, it can work for you.

And it is...

This strategy works brilliantly for local businesses.

Local business owners have too much on their plate to spend much time on videos and ranking on YouTube and Google.

And they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars a month for no results.

They don’t have time to waste on poor keywords.

This becomes a massive opportunity for local marketers. You can help any local business increase their exposure Online.

One of our members shared with me his strategy for finding more local businesses. He ranked a video for an Optometrist on a good keyword. In the footer of the video he placed his own contact details along with a "produced by" notice. He received a call from another Optometrist who saw the video and wanted the same thing done for his business.

He told the Optometrist he could’t do it for that keyword, but there was another keyword that was just as good. So he got a new monthly client.

Here's how I (James Upjohn) acquire more clients!

When I know I am going to a local business, a business like the local restaurant, gym, dentist, doctor, chiropractor, plumber, computer repair and such, I pull out my iPhone and record myself talking positively about how happy I am as a customer of that local business.

I then upload the video, optimize it and of course it ranks immediately for the business name, city and keyword. The whole process takes me maybe five minutes.

When I visit the business, I pull out my iPhone and fire up Google and show the business owner my phone. As they watch, I pop in the keyword and "Boom!" there is the businesses video at number one for their business name.

They watch the video and one of two things happens. One, the owner is delighted and I made their day. That’s a good feeling. Two, the owner is delighted, and noticed my video outranks their site, and wants to know more.

Immediately, the prospective client knows I could make videos and rank them on Google.

And then I have a new potential client that I already know, liked and trusted (otherwise I wouldn’t be there nor would I make a testimonial video for them).

Most Internet marketers have the same problem as local businesses: not enough customers.

What if you had access to tens of thousands of small, medium and large businesses who want their already produced videos to rank and get views? They are tired of seeing 50 views on their videos.

You can easily rank these potential customers for popular key words, with no competition using our secret sauce.

And you can get them signed up easily with no more selling than, “Would you like me to do this for your all videos” and price. These potential customers are already on YouTube and no one watches their videos. Like this poor guy’s video.

What what happens when I type in a random phrase about why no one watches:

This guy gets 43 views in a year, but he is not alone.

So in five minutes following a video “makeover” instead of their video ranking for a keyword with few searches or buried on page ten because of fierce competition, it ranks highly for popular keywords with no competing videos.

And of course, that's not considering the huge traffic you can easily generate for affiliate products, your own info products, CPA offers, your books and audio programs.

The good news is it doesn’t matter if you’re in Network Marketing, affiliate marketing, local consulting, software programming, business or have videos with no views. Following our system you’ll be rocking to the top of rankings for high-traffic keywords which have no competition.

You’re not going after the high-competition keywords with the most traffic. Those keywords are tough and take tons of time and money. You may get to number one, but you’ll have to work hard, spend big dollars and you’ll rarely stay there.

By dominating competition-free keywords with good traffic that no one else knows about, you get more traffic, views, leads, sales, credibility and best of all, its easy!

OK, James, how do we find these golden keywords?

Two years ago I figured out the system. I had a huge spreadsheet, I had monthly subscriptions to two online keyword tools, raw Notepad files and a Google Adwords account.

I spent hours and hours searching for qualified keywords, in fact keeping everything organized, and finding the right keyword, was so time consuming that I was ready to quit the whole thing after working on it for a year.

I looked like this guy...

At the same time, I partnered with Alex Krulik, the creator and developed of Magic Submitter, Magic Rank Tracker, & Magic Article Rewriter, as his official one-on-one training coach, I juggled coaching his customers and spending a ridiculous amount of time and energy on my 90 day affiliate challenge.

Something had to change.

So I contacted Alex and showed him what I was working on, what I was up to, and how frustrating it was. I knew these keywords were pure gold, but digging them out of the bedrock of the Internet was taking too long, and basically exhausting and frustrating me at the same time.

Alex laughed at me and said “I can write a program that does all that hard work for you. It will find your keywords, download the monthly search volume, give you the average cost per click, and also the number of competing videos for that keyword on YouTube.”

He then said, he could package it all into a user-friendly desktop application that would work with just a couple clicks of a button.

The thought of no more spreadsheets, Notepad files and taking minutes to do what was taking me hours and hours, got me all fired up. I was pumped!

Alex set about developing the software. And I was amazed at just how quick and powerful it turned out to be...

Uncover hundreds of zero-competition keywords that rank in minutes while bringing you an avalanche of hungry prospects!

Watch as James Upjohn, Co-Founder of Magic YouTube Xtractor takes you through the process of ranking for low-competition keywords:

So how is James' video doing a month later?

Let's check it out...

From page 4 on Google organic search results a month ago to number 8 on page one today!

Let's check out another keyword: "customize basketball shoes" which has almost 2000 searches a month. Note: that we didn't start out looking for it...

Magic YouTube Xtractor is extremely simple to use. There are three steps to finding massive numbers of high-traffic, low-competition keywords.

Step One: Get General Keywords

Open Magic YouTube Xtractor:

Then add your keywords.

Magic YTX collects all the keywords and phrases for you automatically.

And note the following:

Step Two: we get the Competition in YouTube:

Then you can see your keywords and competition:

Step Three: Export to Excel

Once you have the data, your next step is to prioritize your keywords.

A dialogue box opens. Name your file and save it somewhere you can find it later. Then Excel starts up. You can also save it as a Comma-Delineated text file.

This is how you set up your 'Sort'.

Sort first by YouTube Competition (Smallest to Largest), then by Monthly Searches (Largest to Smallest).

This will show your best keywords first.

As you can see Magic YouTube Xtractor is fast and powerful. And like any tool, it gets faster and easier with practice. But we want to cut your learning time to the bare minimum since we know you want to find the best keywords, not spend time running searches.

You know we wouldn't give you a program without showing you how to use it effectively, so you can quickly find those awesome high-traffic, low-competition keywords.

When you claim your copy of Magic YouTube Xtractor, you also receive...

Twelve months ago, I wouldn't even have imagined that I would be ranking high-traffic keywords almost effortlessly and that they would be bringing in passive, on-going monthly income so consistently.

Now I am going to share all the nuts and bolts with you!

Here's a simple break down of what you will find in the YouTube Xtractor Video Training:

You get 7 Modules each containing cutting-edge, step-by-step, over-our-shoulder how-to use YTX and videos to dominate your markets by targeting low competition keywords:

Getting Started With Magic YouTube Xtractor:

James take you through a thorough overview of Magic YTX, and how to get the most out of the program. He teaches you the most important mindsets and concepts, you need to know before you start marketing with videos.

Creating Your Videos:

For our purposes, James reveals a super-secret, super-easy way to make videos that convert quickly.

Uploading Videos To YouTube:

The biggest mistake made by many YouTube marketers is the on-page optimization to make their videos rank highly. Most YouTubers miss these powerful, yet easily done strategies. With YTX.

Super Powerful Social Sharing:

The most amazing module that everyone is talking about. This method shows you how to get your YouTube videos ranked in the search engines within 24-48 hours using the social sharing sites that Google loves the most!

Using Magic Submitter For Backlinks:

A secret technique that we have been using to multiply my video marketing efforts by a factor of 100-200 times! If you know us at all, you know that James teaches how to use Magic Submitter monthly and Alex built the program. This 1:31:38 long video webinar reveals everything you need to know about backlinking on steroids the way Google loves!

Foot In The Door Local Marketing Strategy:

A step by step guide from which you can learn how James makes the local sales videos that his local business prospects salivate over. You will never need to buy another product about creating or ranking local videos again!

Foot In The Door Strategy Part 2
Page 1 of GOOGLE in rapid time:

A quick update on what happened to the video James made in Module 6. Google number eight on the first page in 20 minutes!

Plus you also get our Magic YouTube Xtractor Mind Map to help get you started fast! (See Bonus #1)

Happy Customer

Mark Harbert

"Here is my review of your six module, training and information system … Video Warrior. Each module consists of two or three videos … that does the teaching in a most pleasant way."

"Eliminated hours of keyword research in Google's Keyword Planner Tool, thanks to YTX. It's all I use now when I want to find high traffic, low-competition keywords that I can rank easily in YouTube and Google."

~ Mark Harbert

Happy Customer

Liam Kennedy

"Videos just hit page one, having hardly any competition. Optimization on/off page as necessary, but NO back linking."

"Hi James, Liam here, YouTube Extractor is FANTASTIC, it has opened a ton of new ideas, Ive discovered new niche Markets, and the software WILL transform my future."

"A million thanks!"

Worth way more than the asking price to me.

~ Liam Kennedy

Happy Customer
Eric Kizzie

"Placed a video up last night, and then pinged it. #2 on YouTube for the keyword with no links. Nice! Will start to scale things up a bit."

"Excellent work!"

~ Eric Kizzie

Happy Customer
Scott Paton

"I had a small technical problem with Magic YouTube Xtractor. Alex got on Teamviewer with me and in 10 minutes had me up and running perfectly."

"Now I am finding hundreds of low competition high volume keywords for my local clients! They are delighted and so am I!"

"I uploaded a video for a local client a year ago and it didn't rank. I used Magic YTX to find great keywords and now they rank at number one!"

"This software is a lifesaver!"
"Thanks! Plus no backlnks!"

~ Scott Paton

And YES! There's more...

YouTube Marketing Mind Map
(Value: $37)

This Mind Map will have you confidently setting up your videos on YouTube successfully. It gives you the full start-to-finish plan for dominating YouTube!

Free Bonus #4


Marketing Guide
(Value: $47)

This quick 7-Step Guide will show you everything you need to create your video, set up your YouTube Channel, optimize your videos, pick the right low-competition, high traffic keywords, and much more.

Free Bonus #4


Special Report
(Value: $97)

This special report will show you how to quickly and effectively grow a huge army of potential clients or customers 100% targeted to your business. YouTube has the amazing ability to collect as many subscribers as you want inside of your Channel, and this is just an powerful feature that can bring you more prospects, sales and exposure.

Free Bonus

Claim your copy of YouTube Xtractor today, so you can start ranking your videos!

The Unbeatable Guarantee!

If you can't actually benefit from Magic YouTube Xtractor, our training and support, we'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. Contact our support within the first 60 days for a full, no questions asked refund.

No, not a single question asked.

If you honestly rank absolutely no videos using no/low competition keywords and proper on-page optimization as we teach inside, then we honestly don't want your money! But we really do want to help you achieve your goals.

You're not going to get a better guarantee than that!

How can we offer such a guarantee?

Because we know we're probably not going to get a single refund request! cd

If you follow these videos and implement the lessons they teach, you are guaranteed to make a substantial improvement in the rankings of your videos for your keywords.

It will be hard to fail when you have these powerful videos to back you up!

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Total Value: $1925

I hope you’ll agree that the modest cost we ask of you, is so reasonable, that you’d be foolish not to give us a try.

So what have you got to lose?

We hope you’ll join us!

With Magic YouTube Xtractor, your video training and your three FREE Bonuses, you’ll have all you need to see you through the short learning curve ahead.

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Here are some comments from our Private Facebook Group where you have direct access to John:

Remember, with Magic YouTube Xtractor, your videos rank fast for popular searches. This means more views. More views means more popular in YouTube. More popular in YouTube means Google notices. Google noticing means top placement in Google. Faster.

Any questions?

Dedicated to your success,

Alex Krulik and James Upjohn

P. S. Stop knocking yourself out with highly competitive keywords. Google wants to put your videos on their first page. Grab the easy low-hanging fruit. These are keywords with good search volumes and zero competition. Claim your copy of Magic YouTube Xtractor today!

Ordering this powerful and proven software is the smartest decision that you could ever make!

Happy Customer


I was fortunate to get a review copy of this Magic YouTube Xtractor and have to say it is one of the best Video Keyword research programs I have seen to date!

It consists of 3 easy steps. The software is particularly useful for the newbie to get up to speed while powerful for experienced marketers who need to 'dig deep'.

Overall, a great program, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in video marketing. In fact, it is pretty much essential!

Well done!


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